Job Details Page


Quick Overview

The Job Details page provides you with comprehensive information about your package (freight).

The top bar menu displays your latest activity such as the latest scan, latest location and status.

The shortcut row gives you quick access to the most common performed tasks including;

– Emailing all necessary documents regarding to your parcel.
– Downloading Documents
– Accessing comprehensive tracking history
– View Pricing breakdown
– Updating Commercial Invoice details
– Tracking History, Proof Of Delivery, Recent Chat

Quick Actions
The recent updates block showcases the latest activity regarding your parcel including;

– Proof of delivery signatures.
– Simplified and comprehensive tracking history.
– Latest Messages.

The quick actions tab allows you to perform important actions such as;

– Send documents directly to your carrier
– Email & Download Documents.
– Email & Download Proof of Delivery.
– Download Original and Thermal Shipping Labels.
– Download your Commercial invoice.
– Download Original and Thermal Address Labels.

Pickup, Delivery and Service details.
The Booking Details Block shows comprehensive information about;

– Pickup details
– Delivery Details
– Tracking Number
– Estimated Pickup Date
– Estimated Delivery Date

Finally the booked package & price breakdown block shows;

– Information on your booked parcel and all fees and charges applied.

If there are any discrepancies between the booked cost and approved cost, you can click the “understand the price difference” button for more information.

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