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Gold Tiger Logistics Solutions (Gold Tiger) was established in 2006 by a young man with a passion for trucks who was determined to develop a successful business. That young man, Imad El Masri, has built his one-man, one-truck business into a powerhouse – an integrated transport, warehousing and distribution company to deliver goods all over Australia, as well as boasting major warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide; smaller warehouses in other states

Every Gold Tiger truck is operated by full-time salaried drivers, not contractors. This means they are exclusively dedicated to the freight delivery needs of every customer.

The Gold Tiger transport fleet consists of Volvo truck, and as such, are ready to go wherever and whenever the demand is there.  No matter where your goods are in the supply chain, Gold Tiger can find them instantly – and so can every customer.

They strive to make communication a core strength, and as such, they have dedicated customer service teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

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Gold Tiger keep up with the latest technologies in the rapidly-developing freight industry to ensure they provide the best possible service. As One World Courier has also invested heavily in freight technology, especially direct integration into carrier API’s, Gold Tiger align perfectly with our vision.

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