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About Couriers Please

CouriersPlease is an Australian parcel delivery company that was founded in 1983. Initially, it focused on providing specialized metropolitan parcel delivery services. Over the years, CouriersPlease has established itself as a leading expert in parcel delivery, offering nationwide coverage and delivering various types of freight across Australia.

One of the unique aspects of CouriersPlease is whwre individual couriers own and operate their delivery fleets. This approach allows for a personalized and localized service. The company has fostered a supportive management and mentoring environment, enabling its couriers to provide reliable and efficient freight delivery services.

CouriersPlease has also made significant investments in technology services to enhance its operations. This includes the integration into One World Courier, which streamlines freight pricing and booking activities, making them more accessible and convenient for customers.

In addition to its domestic services, CouriersPlease offers international and domestic air services. Through its network, customers can connect to over 220 countries worldwide, facilitating global parcel delivery.

It is important to note that CouriersPlease is a fully owned subsidiary of Singapore Post (SingPost), a prominent player in eCommerce logistics in the Asia Pacific region and the United States. SingPost’s ownership provides CouriersPlease with access to additional expertise, resources, and a broader network, further strengthening its capabilities in the parcel delivery industry.


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CouriersPlease and One World Courier partnership added a wide range of services to our existing network of carrier and couriers. With real-time access to the CouriersPlease freight booking API and precise delivery time frames, sending boxes, parcels, cartons, satchels, documents, it’s now more convenient than ever to book and track every shipment.

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