One World Courier Reseller Program.

FREE platform. No contracts, no membership fees, no minimum usage fees.

Unlock your reselling potential with our freight platform toolkit, and grow your business with very little effort.



No minimum

No lock-in

No licence

No monthly



Set your own profit margins by carrier, lanes, weights and additional service charges.

Comes with your own branded website where you can add unlimited customers  and users. Access International Air Courier and Domestic Freight Carrier and Couriers services. Set your own margins. Transparent Invoicing. Full tracking.

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Profit from your own Freight Reseller Platform.

Add your own customers. Set your own margins.
We manage every shipment on behalf of your customer.

Better Rates and Margins

At One World Courier, we’re creating new ways for freight service providers and Resellers to win more business and improve profit margins.

Our single-platform logistics solution takes care of everything—from freight bookings, digital labels, con notes, bills of lading, commercial invoices to compliance, tracking invoicing—so you can focus on winning new business and keeping your own freight customers satisfied.

We understand the challenges of competing in a saturated freight and logistics space, particularly when it comes to securing the best freight rates for your customers and maintaining business profitability.

That’s why we created the One World Courier Freight Management Platform Reseller Program, to connect freight forwarders with our extensive network of carriers and partners.

Our user-friendly platform was designed for on-selling freight services. You get access to discounted International Air Courier rates from DHL, UPS, TNT and FedEx.

Smarter, trouble-free shipping.

As you know, securing better pricing and freight rates can be challenging, especially in today’s competitive market where the major carriers seem to be constantly putting up their rates and surcharges. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to compare your current air courier rates and explore the possibilities to save money with us.

While we may not be competitive on every lane and shipment type due to variations in rates, weight breaks, country zones, and custom pricing, we shine when it comes to heavier weights and pallets coming from Asia, Europe, the USA and Canada.

If you have an urgent pallet or a time-sensitive shipment that your customer absolutely must have delivered ASAP, we’re the ones you can rely on. Choose fast UPS International Express Import or FedEx International Priority service (plus many more) for hassle-free and reliable solution.


Best Freight Software.

With some of the best rates in the industry, we offer FREE access to our Reseller Platform to connect with trusted global brands like DHL, UPS, and FedEx for low-cost imports and exports.

For domestic pickups and deliveries, we’ve partnered with small parcel couriers and heavy freight carriers, for fast and reliable nationwide service.

We also provide experienced Account Managers to handle every shipment, maintaining constant communication with carriers, couriers, customs services, other forwarders and your own customers. When shipments look like they might need a nudge to keep the momentum going, our team will get everything moving again.


Your Own Branded Freight Platform

Create your own branded Freight Management Platform with API access One World Courier carriers and couriers.

Add Your Own Customers

Instantly create a branded freight booking platform for your own customers to access international air courier and domestic road, rail and sea freight services. No limit to the amount of customers you can bring over.

Add Unlimited Users To Customers

Instantly create a branded freight booking platform for your customers to access international air courier and domestic road, rail and sea freight services.

Adjustable Profit Margins

Set your own freight margins for every carrier, lane, weight break, surcharge. You're in total control of growing your own revenue.

Training and Education

Get up to speed fast with our learning and development onboarding, with unlimited FREE support, help and advice.

Invoicing and Billing

We take care of complex billing and invoicing for you. Total transparency and accurate reporting on every shipment.

Purpose-Built Technology Platform

We built a robust and fast Freight Management Platform that's easy to use and doesn't cost a cent to use it.

The Best Service and Support

In-house Freight Ops Teams manage everything. From scheduling pickups, tracking and monitoring to ensuring timely delivery of every shipment.

Account Managers

With in-house Account Managers, you'll always receive the high-quality service you'd expect from one of Australia's leading freight management platform developers.

Global Air Freight - 200+ Destinations

Access DHL, UPS and FedEx global freight delivery network, for competitive pricing and expedited shipping.

Cheaper International Air Courier Rates

Our international partner freight rates can save money on import and export freight.

Domestic Freight Services

Choose from same-day courier to overlength, heavyweight shipments. Book with confidence through our freight partner network.

Real-time Tracking & Notifications

Track and trace every shipment from pickup to delivery, with real-time updates of delivery status milestones.

Freight Warranty

All shipments have a complimentary $250 Freight Warranty applied.

Freight Insurance

Comprehensive insurance coverage available to protect against loss or damage whilst in transit.

Our International Carriers

UPS Express Imports/Exports

UPS Express Saver Imports/Exports

FedEx International Economy Import/Export

FedEx International Priority Import/Export
Third Party

Partner with a trusted provider of discounted International Air Courier and Domestic freight rates.

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