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About Startrack

StarTrack, originally known as Multigroup Distribution Services, was established in 1974 by Greg Poche. In its early days, the company focused primarily on small parcel deliveries to and from the Sydney Central Business District. It was a simple operation, starting with just one driver and one van.

Over time, the company expanded rapidly, rebranding as Discount Freight Express. It saw substantial growth and eventually became a prominent player in the Australian logistics and transportation industry. In 1982, the business was renamed StarTrack as it continued to evolve and increase its market share.

In 2003, StarTrack entered into joint venture with Australia Post. This partnership significantly enhanced StarTrack’s capabilities, allowing it to offer a more comprehensive range of services, and also leverage Australia Post’s extensive location network.

Over the years, StarTrack has continued to grow and innovate, becoming one of Australia’s leading freight and logistics companies. Its journey from a small courier operation to a major industry player is a testament to its adaptability, customer focus, and commitment to service excellence.

With StarTrack being a One World Courier partner, our customers can continue to experience, competitive reliable, and efficient freight delivery across Australia with StarTrack.  Trust StarTrack and One World Courier for your business shipping needs.


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As Australia’s largest delivery network, you can trust StarTrack for your freight and business shipping needs, everywhere across Australia.  Getting a StarTrack shipping quote is easy using a multi-carrier web booking portal like One World Courier. StarTrack is integrated with our platform, offering a seamless and fast way to compare and book shipments of satchels, parcels, boxes etc.

Here’s how booking a StarTrack service is so much easier compared to manually calling around for quotes.

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