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Palm Trans is a privately owned family company founded & operated by Darren Palmer and operates 70 prime movers throughout the East Coast and South Australia region of Australia.

Established in 1989 with the focus of providing local work around Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide along with express interstate and container cartage. Our head office is located on 5 acres in Laverton North, Melbourne. Local delivery trucks are based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and distribute to the metro area.

Their local and prime mover fleet are of the latest models, which is an indication of their priority to safety and vehicle reliability. The trailer fleet is also updated regularly, with each trailer being inspected on a regular basis to ensure the highest possible safety for our drivers, the freight we carry and other road users.

With fully staffed depots in both Sydney at Eastern Creek and Heathwood in Brisbane with ample storage facilities available. Their real focus is providing a safe harmonious working environment and developing great employee and community relations.

Palm Trans are a huge advocate for safety in the workplace. A passion shared across the entire company and extends to clients, managers, employees, drivers and sub-contractors, all working together through consultation and co-operation. Their objective is to provide all employees with a working environment that is free of risk to their health and safety.

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Palm Trans and One World Courier developed a strategic partnership to help Australian businesses access affordable pallet and bulk freight services in Australia. With direct integration of Palm Trans into our freight quoting, book and tracking platform, our customers have more choice over how much they pay for freight.


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