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Account Manager

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Cristina is your personal account manager and will take charge of any pickup and delivery issues should they arise. With Cristina as your go-to person, you will always receive a fast response to make certain you’re always up-to-date with shipment pickups delivery time frames. 

Reach out to Cristina for...

Any and all shipment enquiries
Communicating with carriers and couriers on a daily basis
Progress of all shipments
Freight quotes and special orders, pricing, carrier selection, insurance, freight warranty​
Helpful advice and information on all aspects of the shipment process​

Bobbie is at the heart of our customer service and support teams. With over 10 years in the freight and logistics industry, when you need higher-level advice on a large or challenging shipment, Bobbie has high-level access to our carrier account managers and can get answers – fast!


Reach out to Bobbie for...

Customer onboarding and initial account set up
Requests for special shipments, both international, local, intra and interstate
Helpful advice on all aspects of the shipment process including, quotes, pricing, carrier selection, insurance, freight warranty
Education and training to get the most out of the One World Courier platform
Delivering the best possible customer service and support​


Customer Relations Executive

Bobbie-Lee Webster -head of customer support One World Courier

1300 617 365

Sacha Habijanac

International and Domestic Sales

sacha habijanac One World Courier

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Sacha is one of our sales experts who will get to know your business inside and out – as well as taking the lead in onboarding new customers, training and mentoring our growing sales team. Given the complexities of freight management, Sacha’s role is more of an advisor and problem solver who can be relied on to provide expert advice on which freight option best suit your business requirements. Whether you need an affordable and simple import strategy, or 10 pallets need urgently shunted across the country, Sacha will take care of it.

Reach out to Sacha for...

Best practise to move large or heavy freight (FTL or LTL)
Strategies to save money on sending and receiving bulk freight in Australia
Importing business-critial freight from anywhere in the world
Exporting products and samples to over 200+ countries and territories
Helpful advice reduce the cost of freight and logistics costs

Harly assists and supports potential new customers feel confident and aware of the important benefits of moving to the One World Courier Freight Management Platform. The biggest benefit when working with Harly is he understands the freight, shipping and logistic needs of Australian businesses and will work towards finding the best solution possible.

Reach out to Harly for...

An overview of the One World Courier Freight Management Platform
Pre-sales support, education and training
Education and training to get the most out of the One World Courier platform​
Helpful advice on generating freight quotes, creating an order, selecting insurance & warranty options and tracking​



Harly Anonuevo - One World Courier

1300 617 365

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