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Account Manager

1300 617 365

Cristina is your personal account manager and will take charge of any pickup and delivery issues should they arise. With Cristina as your go-to person, you will always receive a fast response to make certain you’re always up-to-date with shipment pickups delivery time frames. 

Reach out to Cristina for...

Any and all shipment enquiries
Communicating with carriers and couriers on a daily basis
Progress of all shipments
Freight quotes and special orders, pricing, carrier selection, insurance, freight warranty​
Helpful advice and information on all aspects of the shipment process​

Overview of the Account Manager services

Cristina provides high-level account management support for all shipments made through the platform. Although One World Courier have two separate customer service departments to manage  pickups and deliveries, as one of our Account Managers Cristina takes full responsibility for both.

Pickups and Delivery Support

As soon as your order is placed, Cristina will monitor the progress of the shipment from the time it is  to  picked up until final delivery is completed.

Additionally Cristina will;

  • Review shipment documentation for compliance and correct paperwork
  • Coordinate with the carrier to ensure your shipment is picked up on time and notify you of any delays or issues
  • Track and monitor shipment progression via the OWC platform to make sure the shipment is on-schedule for delivery
  • Respond to requests for support via phone, live chat and email

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