Cheaper freight rates, 5-Star customer service and support for your automotive spare parts business.

If you're struggling with importing, exporting or shipping spare parts and you're unhappy with your current freight carrier..we can definitely help!

Get instant access to our freight rate card and start using our platform. No set up fees, not memberships or usage charges, just  better shipping choices, more carriers, better prices and service.

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Let us help you grow your automotive spare parts business by delivering better freight and shipping solutions.

Metro, regional, interstate and international freight and logistics services.

Bringing in OEM or aftermarket spare parts into Australia? Exporting cartons, boxes crates and pallets of parts internationally, or just shipping stock between locations and keeping your customers happy?

Whatever it is you’re doing, we’ve got an easier way for you to manage your freight and shipping tasks.

At One World Courier we took what we learned working in the industry and built a freight platform to make is super-easy to get instant freight quotes from multiple carriers.

With so many options, prices and delivery services to choose from, with just a couple of clicks your shipment is booked and ready to be picked up.

No more shopping around on different websites for freight quotes, waiting on the phone for hours on end…at One World Courier everything you need is on one screen.

Our Freight Management Platform makes it easy to get your goods where they need to go, and we don’t charge any set-up fees, account keeping fees, or minimum use charges. You just pay for  shipping, when you need it.

Low-Cost International Air Freight

Save money on import and export shipping costs with international partner freight rates.

Hassle-Free Customs Clearance

Expert knowledge of customs regulations and compliance to minimise your customs costs and avoid delays.

Warranty and Insurance

Complimentary $250 freight warranty on all consignments, with up to $100,000 insurance available.

Global Air Freight - 200+ Destinations

Global network of reliable airline partners and logistics providers for competitive pricing and expedited shipping.

The Best Service and Support

Customer support teams are available to manage queries to ensure timely delivery of your air freight shipments.

Domestic Freight Services

With in-house Account Managers, you'll always receive high-quality service you expect from one of Australia's leading international freight solution providers.

Real-time Tracking & Notifications

Complete shipment track and trace visibility from pickup to delivery with daily updates of delivery status milestones.

A game-changer for anyone in the automotive spare parts industry.

So who is One World Courier?

We like to think that what we’ve built is a total game-changer for any business in the aftermarket and spare car parts industry. If you’re importing, exporting and shipping car parts across the country – we’re the ones you should be talking to.

You know how it is running your own business, it can be tough right? – that’s why we handle all the freight management stuff for you, so you don’t have to deal with the headache of complicated freight booking activities, tracking, and waiting on the phone when something doesn’t go to plan.

And with that in mind, we totally understand how it is when you have to spend way too much of your time managing inbound and outbound shipping operations, right? Well, One World Courier takes care of all that for you, and we do it really well, we’ve got some pretty satisfied customers.

Our easy-to-use Freight Management Platform was designed to simplify the shipping process, reduce your freight costs, and improve the reliability and speed of your deliveries.

What’s even better is you get real-time tracking and monitoring of your shipments by a human, so you know exactly where your parts are at all times. And if anything goes wrong, our Freight Ops Team jump in straight away and will keep working to make it right, so you don’t have to worry about stock not arriving when it should.

How we can offer this service is over the years we’ve negotiated with our freight partner carriers and courier services to get you very competitive pricing. No more overpaying for freight and wasting money that could be better spent elsewhere in your business. Plus, we have extensive knowledge of customs regulations and requirements, so you can rest assured that your shipments are fully compliant and will be pass through the customs process as best it can.

Using the One World Courier platform can make your life so much easier. So if you’re sick of dealing with the hassle of doing everything yourself, do yourself a favor and see how we can help free up your time and save you money on freight. You won’t regret it!

Partner with a trusted provider of shipping and freight management services
for the Australian Automotive Spare Parts and Aftermarket Industry.