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One World Courier is an Australian founded and owned Freight Management Platform developer based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Being in the freight, transport and logistics industry for over a decade, our experience led us to develop a freight technology platform to seamlessly connect shippers with a worldwide carrier and courier network.

Our freight partner shipping rates means we pass on significant savings to our customers who have a wide selection of freight pickup and delivery options.

What drives us?

We see potential everywhere and innovate at every opportunity.

We are educators and offer our customers alternative ways of doing things. We are disruptors in the positive sense, building the future of freight management systems and forever challenging the way things are.

Our list of well-known and most trusted global freight companies include, UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT. Choose international air courier services such as overnight, priority, next-day and economy door-to-door delivery services.

For local, interstate and intrastate deliveries, choose from well-known couriers such as TNT, Couriers Please, Aramex, Allied Express, Phoenix Couriers and Direct Couriers for smaller parcels and cartons.

We’ve also got heavy, palletised and ‘ugly’ freight covered by partnering with Northline, Followmont Transport, Palm Trans, Hi-Trans Express, Sadliers and Richers Transport. With inter-connected delivery lanes and strategically located freight distribution hubs, fast delivery times across Australia are achievable.

View our extensive carrier partner network here.

Yes, an account is required. Simply add your details in order to start shipping with One World Courier. We’ve made it easy to set up an account as long as you have an Australian ABN or ACN.

Once you’ve added your details and submitted the application, one of our customer support team will contact you to help get you started.

New customers can get up-to-speed with how to get quotes, make bookings and track shipments by watching our video tutorials.

For a quick overview of the services One World Courier provide, watch our explainer video here.

There’s virtually no limit to what you can send or receive. Our extensive carrier network means access to 1000’s of vehicles with the capacity to deliver almost anything. We can arrange pickup and delivery to and from 200+ countries, or move your freight anywhere in Australia.

Our customers have shipped giant engines, solar batteries, industrial compressors and even helicopter blades. They trust us to get things done – and we love a challenge.

Given the variety and choice of aircraft, ships, heavy vehicles and delivery trucks, there’s literally no limit to the type of freight you can send.

At One World Courier, we work closely with our carriers who can move freight anywhere in the world.

Of course, it’s always best to check with our customer service team, who can give advice and share their knowledge on shipping dangerous goods, fragile
items, valuable items, customs documentation,
duties and taxes and a whole lot more.

One of the most important steps when sending a shipment is to measure the box, carton, crate etc correctly. Separately measure the length, width and height (L)  x (W) x (H) of the item(s) to be sent. If you’re sending an irregular-shaped package, the longest side of the package is taken as the overall length. By accurately measuring the dimensions, you’ll potentially avoid extra carrier charges. Our freight carriers are very strict when it comes to the correct size of every box, carton, cylinder, bag, suitcase etc. This is because every piece of freight has to fit into a vehicle at some stage. Freight carriers spend a lot of their time planning their delivery processes making sure their vehicle capacity is always maximised. It’s important to also round up the measurements and even add a little bit more, just to be on the safe side. This is crucial when sending cardboard boxes and cartons where the contents are lightweight or packed with paper or polystyrene pellets. When freight is moving from one place to the next, it can be squashed which can alter the dimensions. This in turn alters the volume of the package and could result in extra charges from the carrier when the package passes through the laser-scanning process. One World Courier does not have any control over extra charges added by a carrier due to incorrect measurement or package dimensions altering during transit. Of course every customer has the option to lodge a warranty or insurance claim through the One World Courier platform, should they feel the need to do so.

The total cost of shipping your items is calculated using a combination of many factors, although there are two basic methods to look at.

1. Dead weight:
the total weight of the items being shipped (contents and packaging combined). Measured in KG or pounds

2: Cubic weight:
the total volume of the package ( length x width x height), multiplied by a conversion factor.


The cubic weight conversion factor is a value assigned to a particular mode of transport, such as air freight, express freight services etc. Cubic weight calculation is an industry-standard practise and not a One World Courier initiative.

Conversion factors.

  • Air freight: 167
  • Express freight: 250
  • International Courier: 200
  • General Freight: 333
  • Sea Freight: 1000

Use this formula to calculate the cubic weight of your shipment:

(Cubic Volume) x (Cubic Conversion Rate).


An oblong-shaped box measuring 90cm long by 40cm wide and 15cm high, (90x40x15) weights 10kg is being shipped via ‘general freight’ (conversion factor 333).

Using the 0.9m x 0.4m x 0.15m calculation, the total volume of 0.054 m3.

Now we have the cubic metre volume, it’s time to calculate the cubic weight.

0.054 x 333 = 17.98kg

Total Cubic Weight = 17.98kg

Owing to the Cubic Weight Conversion factor being applied to the shipment, the weight of the shipment has been recalculated to 17.98kg.

Be also aware that different cubic conversion ratios exist across the freight industry and is dependent on which carrier, transport mode (or multi-modal, i.e. air and road) is used.

Send freight virtually anywhere in the world using our global carrier network of UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT. Through our freight partners, international door-to-door delivery is available to and from over 200+ countries and territories.

Send most types of freight, from heavy palletised freight, to small boxes and cartons, with the choice of next day worldwide, priority or economy services.

With so many options to choose from, you’ll forever be spoiled for choice.

In short, yes, some dangerous goods can be shipped as long as they comply with Dangerous Goods criteria contained in the ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (Technical Instructions); and the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR).

One World Courier can assist you prepare Dangerous Goods (DG) shipments, including preparation of DG documents and classification of goods, customs clearance documentation, including the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

As a reminder, the most commonly prohibited dagerous goods items are;

  1. VIVO branded electronic devices
  2. Lithium batteries
  3. Radioactive material
  4. Flammable (aerosols/perfume/paint/nail polish/hand sanitizer)
  5. Explosives, bullets and incendiaries
  6. Corrosive materials
  7. Toxic substances
  8. Perfumes
The nature of freight and the fact most of it is manually loaded onto trucks, warehoused in depots, then loaded on to delivery vans means that there could be times when a package receives a bit of ‘manual handling’. Of course the onus is always on you (the shipper) to make sure the items being shipped are well-packed and protected with appropriate padding. This also means choosing the most suitable container to pack your goods into. Choosing a cardboard box, heavy-duty plastic or a crate will make all the difference to how your goods arrive at their destination. For peace of mind, every shipment booked through One World Courier has a complimentary warranty of AUD$250, with additional warranty available up to $1500 for a few dollars more.

Insuring your goods

For more valuable and fragile shipments, One World Courier can organise a very competitive insurance quote on your behalf. Declaring the value of your goods is essential when making booking because if an insurance claim to be made, the the declaration of the value of the goods at the time of shipping will make a difference to the outcome. This is especially important when sending good internationally. The commercial invoice must reflect the value of the goods at the time of shipping. In our own experience, it is not uncommon for some shippers to underestimate the value of the goods to avoid paying extra duties and taxes in the receiving country. This practise can result in uncomfortable questions being asked down the track if something goes missing.

Yes…one of the biggest benefits for you as a One World Courier customer is being able to generate multiple quotes and compare them with one another.

Watch our short tutorial on how to quickly get freight quotes from multiple carriers, choose the best one and continue to book the job.

All quotes can be saved as a draft and converted into a booking when you’re ready to proceed.

Creating a quote is easy, because our smart, freight technology platform was built to access prenegotiated, discounted shipping rates with our freight partners.

Because real-time quoting and booking systems are connecting with every carrier on our platform, the dimensions and weight of your shipment is meticulously measured and digitally assessed. Only then can our algorithm match the perfect carrier with your shipment – meaning you won’t pay for services you don’t need.

With such a large selection of freight carriers and last-mile freight delivery services, you can always be sure of getting a competitive quote.

Depending on how many shipments you send, we will tailor a payment method to suit your needs.

Choose ‘pay as you go for every shipment’, or choose favourable One World Courier trading terms (available upon request).

Invoices can be downloaded and emailed direct from the customer portal. Send direct to your accounts department, bookkeeper or accountant. Exporting of invoices as a .csv is also a popular method of adding every shipment into your favourite software such as Xero, QuickBooks etc.

Yes, we specialise in palletised and heavy freight by partnering with global carriers such as UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT. For Australia-only freight we partner with well-known brands such as Palm Trans, CRL, Richers, Gold Tiger, Hi-Trans, Followmont, Sadliers and Northline.

Every carrier can organise forklifts, tailgate services and crane trucks to make pallet deliveries as convenient and hassle-free as possible. These services can be added at the time of booking to ensure your shipment is picked up and delivered without any delays.

When you need to send or organise pick up and delivery of pallets and heavy freight, One World Courier can help you quickly compare pallet quotes from multiple carriers, book a job and track the delivery progress.

International pallet delivery services are available via our international air courier freight partners, UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT.

Each carrier has different requirements when it comes to palletised freight. They also have a range of vehicles and additional equipment that needs to be added to each booking, although these services are already available in our booking platform, so you’re never left wondering if a tail lift truck, crane truck or forklift is required.

Be sure to read the individual carrier guidelines before booking.

Our freight technology platform has direct access to every carrier and their internal freight tracking technology.

Track every shipment booked through our platform in Australia or internationally. The customer dashboard is featured-packed with a wide range of live tracking and delivery progress updates. No need to enter your shipment number because every booking is visible with just one click.

If you require additional tracking information, our partner websites can offer external validation and at times, a little bit more granular information. Just enter your tracking number for real-time shipment status updates.

You’ll never again find yourself worrying about where your freight is because you have total visibility.

Additionally, the One World Courier customer care and support team are in direct contact with carriers and will make sure every shipment progresses towards the original ETA. Of course being the nature of freight and the often long journey it takes, there may be times when freight can arrive slower than expected. When this occurs, the customer care team step in on your behalf and will get answers as to the shipment status and an updated ETA.

We have the best technology when it comes to shipment tracking and have a knowledgeable team of freight support staff who will always be here to help and give advice when needed.

Printing shipping and address labels is quick and easy because this functionality is built into the platform. No matter which carrier you choose, perfect shipping and address labels are created inside the platform. Each label can be printed and is the perfect size for every parcel, carton, box and package being sent.

Shipping labels are carefully designed to make scanning of your items easy and fast.

Each label contains vital information about your shipment, including the booking ID, your reference number, One World Courier ID, customer reference number and instructions for the driver and receiver.

Consignment notes, commercial invoices and air waybills can also be printed directly from the portal dashboard.

No special printers are required, as most thermal printers are adequate enough to produce high-quality barcodes and labels.

NOTE: When sending dangerous goods, the required labels can be printed direct from the platform. These labels must be printed in colour and be clearly visible on every package.

When you make a freight booking, our digital platform sends the order to the carrier. The carrier send back a digital confirmation of the booking.

From here, your shipment will be picked up by the carrier. Tracking begins immediately, with delivery status updates available via the platform, where regular shipment tracking updates are available at every stage of the delivery process.

Alternatively, track your shipment on the carrier’s own website. In some cases, more detailed information and in-depth status explanations are available.

You’ll always be kept up-to-date and never left wondering where your shipment is and when it will arrive.

Should you need assistance with tracking a shipment, our customer service support team will step in and start a conversation with the carrier. Let us take care of everything so you can keep on running your business.

At this stage because of the limitations of PO Boxes and the added level of security, delivery to post office boxes is not possible. 🙁

Yes…with over 200+ international destinations available for pickup and delivery, we’ve got international shipping covered. Choose pickup and delivery anywhere in the world with One World Courier partners – UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT.

Each carrier offers a range of Priority and Economy air courier services, door-to-door.

You’ll always have total flexibility over which service suits your needs, how much you want to pay and when you need it delivered.

If you’re looking to send and receive shipments from Australia and the rest of the world, our pre-negotiated air courier freight rates are some of the best in Australia.

International air courier freight options are perfect for sending and receiving product samples as well as expediting urgent freight to meet tight deadlines.

The One World Courier portal functionality means our smart algorithm will analyse your shipping requirements and select the best service and price to fit your needs.

Never again will you or your staff spend countless hours sifting through freight quotes from different carriers on different websites. Everything you need is on one website and on one screen. We take the guesswork out of international shipping, freeing up your staff to work  on growing your business.

Choose from the following services where each service has its own pricing and delivery time frames.

UPS Express Exports
UPS Express Imports
UPS Saver Imports
UPS Saver Exports
UPS Worldwide Express Freight

DHL International Freight Service
DHL Express Worldwide Import
DHL Express Worldwide Export

FedEx International Economy Export
FedEx International Economy Import
FedEx International Priority Import
FedEx International Priority Export
FedEx International Priority Freight Export
FedEx International Priority Third Party

TNT International Freight Service
TNT Export Express
TNT Export Economy
TNT Import Express
TNT Import Economy
TNT Third Party Express
TNT Third Party Economy

International air courier services are perfect for urgent imports and exports. Send anything from cartons and multiple boxes, to oversize and palletised freight.

The One World Courier Freight Operations and Customer Service Teams will assist with paperwork and give advice and guidance on customs documentation.

Yes, there is a dedicated team of customer support agents who work tirelessly to ensure your pickups and deliveries are on time.

With direct access to every carrier and courier on our system, the customer support team will get involved on your behalf and help resolve any challenges you may have.

You’ll never have to worry about chasing up time-consuming tasks such as following up missed pick-ups, tracking and organising delivery of your shipments.

Contact for any questions you may have about sending and receiving freight – anywhere in Australia and the world.

Call 1300 617 365 for sales and support queries.


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Stop spending way too much time gathering freight quotes on multiple websites, choosing the best one, booking the job, arranging insurance, tracking the shipment and dealing with multiple invoices from different carriers.

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Instantly connect with 1000's of freight services via our multi-carrier network. Generate hundreds of freight quotes, making it easy to compare and pick the best price, service and delivery time frame that suits your business needs.

We also provide live shipment tracking and documentation management, as well as unlimited support from our in-house Freight Operations Teams.

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