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Keep your current freight booking and management processes in place for now – then test our platform to compare your own shipping prices and carrier rates. When you’re ready, bring your own customers on board and offer an even greater range of carriers and services.


One World Courier - Your FREE Freight Forwarding Solution.

You get a FREE branded portal with your own logo and 100% functionality – if we’ve built it, you can use it!  There’s no version control where the more you spend means more features to access. We don’t work like that.

Set your own profit margins by carrier, freight lane, weight break and even add your own margin to carrier surcharges. You have total control over every aspect of your reseller freight pricing.

Try our rates today. Our Freight Ops Teams will also work with your own teams to solve any booking, pickup, delivery and billing details.

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Get onboard with One World Courier and enjoy no-cost access to a flexible freight management platform where you control the profits.

Access every International Air Courier service from DHL, UPS and FedEx plus our Australian carriers and couriers can move just about any type of freight. Customise margins on all lanes, weight breaks, surcharges and shipment types.

There's no charge to use the platform. That's what makes One World Courier so different from many other freight platforms out there. We don't believe in charging to use the platform we built. Just use what we have built and benefit from a feature-rich platform that is constantly being improved and upgraded.

Great Rates and Bigger Margins On Freight.

At One World Courier, we’re creating new ways for Freight Forwarders to win more business.

Our single-platform logistics solution takes care of everything from domestic and international freight bookings, digital label creation, con notes, bills of lading, commercial invoices, to compliance, tracking and invoicing—so you can focus on winning new business and keeping your own freight customers happy..

We understand the challenges of competing in a saturated freight and logistics space where margins are being squeezed dry.

That’s why we created the One World Courier Freight Management Platform for Freight Forwarders, connecting you with our extensive technology network of carriers and couriers.

Our user-friendly Freight Management Platform is specifically designed for on-selling freight services. 

Smarter, more efficient shipping.

As you know, the vast majority of carriers seem to be constantly putting up their rates and adding more surcharges. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to compare your current rates and take a good look at what we can offer.

While we may not be competitive on every lane, we shine when it comes to heavier weights and pallets coming from Asia, Europe, the USA and Canada, as well as great rates on pallets and FTL’s.

If you have an urgent pallet or a time-sensitive shipment that your customer absolutely must have delivered, we’re the ones you can rely on. 


Best FREE Freight Software.

With some of the best rates in the industry, we offer FREE access to our Freight Forwarder Platform to connect with trusted global brands like DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx for low-cost import and export shipments and local, interstate and intrastate carriers and couriers who can get the job done. 

Our experienced Freight Account Managers will also monitor every shipment, maintaining constant communication with carriers, couriers, customs services and your own internal teams.


Your Own Branded Freight Platform

Create your own branded Freight Management Platform with API access One World Courier carriers and couriers.

Add Your Own Customers

Instantly create a branded freight booking platform for your own customers to access international air courier and domestic road, rail and sea freight services. No limit to the amount of customers you can bring over.

Unlimited Customer Users

Instantly create a branded freight booking platform for your customers to access international air courier and domestic road, rail and sea freight services.

Adjustable Profit Margins

Set your own freight margins for every carrier, lane, weight break, surcharge. You're in total control of growing your own revenue.

Control Surcharges

Full control to set % profit margins on every carrier and courier surcharge.

Training and Education

Get up to speed fast with our learning and development onboarding, with unlimited FREE support, help and advice.

Invoicing and Billing

We take care of complex billing and invoicing for you. Total transparency and accurate reporting on every shipment.

Purpose-Built Technology Platform

We built a robust and fast Freight Management Platform that's easy to use and doesn't cost a cent to use it.

The Best Service and Support

In-house Freight Ops Teams manage everything. From scheduling pickups, tracking and monitoring to ensuring timely delivery of every shipment.

Account Managers

With in-house Account Managers, you'll always receive the high-quality service you'd expect from one of Australia's leading freight management platform developers.

Global Air Freight - 200+ Destinations

Access DHL, UPS and FedEx global freight delivery network, for competitive pricing and expedited shipping.

Domestic Freight Services

Choose from same-day courier to overlength, heavyweight shipments. Book with confidence through our Australia-wide freight partner network.

Real-time Tracking & Notifications

Track and trace every shipment from pickup to delivery, with real-time updates of delivery status milestones.

Freight Warranty

Every shipment booked on the platform has a complimentary $250 Freight Warranty applied.

Freight Insurance

Comprehensive freight insurance is available to protect against loss or damage whilst in transit.

Our International Carriers

UPS Express Saver Imports/Exports

UPS Express Imports/Exports

FedEx International Economy Import/Export

FedEx International Priority Import/Export
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A game-changer for Freight Forwarders struggling to maintain a healthy profit margin all imports and exports.

Our easy-to-use Freight Management Platform was designed for Freight Forwarders to get access to a wide array discounted International Air Courier rate cards from DHL, UPS and FedEx. 

We understand just how difficult it can be to get a better pricing and rates, especially when these days it’s almost impossible to shop around and open a new account and expect to get rock-bottom rates.

As you’re familiar with how your business runs and you know the challenges you face, we just wanted to share the fact that as a Freight Forwarder, you can access our rate cards and start to compare your current DHL, UPS and FedEx air courier rates.

Everyone has different rates and weight breaks, country to country zones and custom pricing, so it makes sense we may not be competitive on every lane and shipment type.

But where it gets interesting is One World Courier are ‘very’ competitive on the bigger weights and pallets our of Asia, Europe and the USA/ Canada. Got an urgent pallet to move? we’re the ones you need to try. Got an urgent shipment your customer absolutely must have delivered ASAP, choose a UPS Express Import, or FedEx International Priority service.

We’re not going to be the one-size-fits-all solution, be we may be able to fill some of those gaps in the more costly lanes and shipment weights you’re finding it difficult to compete in.

Using the One World Courier platform can make your life so much easier. So if you’re frustrated with missing out on international imports, sick of dealing with the hassle of doing everything yourself, do yourself a favor and see how we can help free up your time and even make your business more profitable.

We understand the extensive nature of international freight forwarding, and we’ve got you covered. Give us a go, you won’t regret it!

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