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Our freight calculator creates instant freight quotes, with fast pickup and delivery from your home or business. Choose from commercial and residential shipping. Full-service shipping and logistics platform. Free to use.

Quick freight quotes for both domestic and international shipments.

Are you a local shipper in Australia?

From fast freight quotes to choosing the fastest of lowest cost shipment, our freight platform makes booking shipments and managing freight easy and stress-free.

As you importing or exporting?

Discover a world of savings if you’re importing or exporting products, samples or any kind of freight. Our partnerships and low international air courier rates are hard to beat.


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Savings on off the shelf freight prices.

For super-affordable freight shipping, our calculator is the only freight quote tool you'll ever need.

Transform your business freight challenges into an easy and trouble-free experience. Rely on our instant and accurate shipping quote calculator. Use our calculator to save time and money on all your shipping and logistics needs.

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We know freight.

Once you’ve used the freight quote calculator and made a booking, our Freight Management Teams step in and manage everything for you. We deliver the perfect shipping experience without cutting corners on service. Ditch the extra fees, mix and match the best service options with your individual freight needs. And if there’s ever a delay? We’re on it. All this magic happens behind the scenes on our user-friendly digital freight platform. In-built smart freight calculators will generate perfect freight quotes time and time again. No need to shop on multiple websites.

Contact One World Courier for instant freight quotes.

Get Free access to our multi-carrier freight management platform and access to a vast network of carriers and couriers. Enjoy a huge range of courier services from same day to overnight air, express and expedited air freight. With our platform you can easily compare prices and services to find the best shipping option that suits your needs.

Automate your current shipping process by simplifying bookings, to tracking and financial reporting. This saves time, and allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business

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Smarter Freight Quoting Can Help Reduce Your Freight Spend By Around 63%

Better freight quotes - lower rates

Save money by having more choice of courier/carrier. Convert quotes into low-cost logistics.

Simple quoting and freight booking

Fast freight quotes, compare shipping prices, make an instant digital booking.

Digital platform reduces human errors

Accurate quoting, digital booking reduces manual data entry errors on shipments and invoices.

No more time wasted waiting on hold

Our Freight Ops Teams manage every shipment. Free up your time - we take care of everything

We can help you move just about anything - anywhere.


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